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HTC EVO 3D and EVO View 4G confirmed by CTIA booth materials


Just in case you didn't really believe that the HTC EVO 3D or the HTC EVO View existed and were going to launch tomorrow at CTIA, here's some cold, hard proof that should erase any doubt lingering in your stubborn mind even after seeing all the highly suggestive evidence over the past few weeks.

Confirmed today by some sort of spiral-bound booklet that was apparently left laying around while the Sprint/HTC booth was being set up are not only the EVO 3D's existence, but also its name and its main specs.

Also confirmed are the HTC Flyer's specs for the EVO View 4G tablet, shown in blurrier form below.


Assuming all of the information (and hopefully some pictures) aren't leaked before then, Sprint should be pulling back the official curtain on both products tomorrow afternoon.

[pocketnow] Thanks, @dalex7777!

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9 thoughts on “HTC EVO 3D and EVO View 4G confirmed by CTIA booth materials

  • awesome… cant wait for the oficial press release and some photos! Great work!

  • Does this mean it will be less than 24hrs before someone comes out having rooted the new HTC Evo 3D? Can’t wait.

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas in March. Come on Sprint…

  • Avatar of bradleyw801

    I think that Sprint has made a good business model the past couple of years. By waiting to release the Evo after all the other hot Android phones came out, they managed to have the latest and greatest for a while.

    After CES, Sprint was dead last in cool phones. Then they came out with the Kyocera Echo, which really is a unique phone, but the hype they brought with it really took some steam out of what the phone really was.

    But, all of us on Sprint that have been feeling like we were getting left behind, are now at the head of the class with a truly unique phone coming out. It’s good marketing.

    But seriously, they should have saved David Blane for this. I mean, a 3D phone seems a lot more magical to me than one with 2 screens.

    Maybe some lucky dogs on Sprint Premier will get it at the full upgrade price.

  • Avatar of Techgeek32

    Why the gimmicks Sprint? I dont need or want 3D. Just give me a high end EVO without the two cameras!

  • Avatar of David Rocha

    hopefully there will be a regulator on the 3D like the 3DS…. Which i am also getting…

  • It is a high-end Evo….

    They just added the feature of 3D, which you can toggle, I’m sure…

  • Jen,
    Promise when this phone comes out, you’ll still write articles about the EVO 4G! Because of sprint screwing us ALL out of an upgrade, i’m sure that a lot of us will be hanging on to the EVO 4G a little longer than we anticipated.

    Love this web site, this is my daily newspaper reading


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