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HTC EVO 3D to be released in France

Evo-3d-france While many of us are coming up on our one-year anniversaries with the HTC EVO 4G, all of our Android-loving international friends are still living completely EVO-less lives. Some may be seeking comfort in the HTC Desire HD and other high-end EVO-esque phones, but let's not kid ourselves.

If it's not an EVO, it's not an EVO.

The good news—for those in France, anyway—is that the EVO 3D won't be exclusive to the US. There's no confirmed timeframe for the release, but whoever's got access to HTC France's Twitter account did take a break from admiring the Eiffel Tower, touring the Louvre, and rowing down the Seine to tweet that the phone would be coming to the country. And here I am, taking a break from kicking back in my grass shack, using the stars to find my way to a nearby hut, and twirling around in my grass skirt to write about it here.

Other parts of Europe are likely to get in on the 3D action, too, which translates to great things for everyone. More users means a bigger EVO community, more devs, more mods and hacks, more tips, and maybe even more G&E readers. And if that's the case, then bonjour et bienvenue!

[Twitter via Engadget]
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5 thoughts on “HTC EVO 3D to be released in France

  • Cool, I like all of this, it will definitely broaden the horizons when it comes to Evo related hacks on xda. Kinda mad tho because before when anyone said evo, you automatically knew they were in the US and on sprint, which makes troubleshooting a lot easier. Oh well

  • ..Jenn, if you continue to encourage hut daydreaming by those of us who desperately seek a more hut lifestyle, I must insist on you posting an article with photos about your hut, how you ended up in your hut, and possibly have a sweepstakes with top prize being a free trip to your hut.

    Signed: Hutless in Omaha

  • Easy fix. Build a canoe and paddle to Hawaii (using the stars as your guide). Your hut will be waiting for you when you wash ashore. Play a song with your ukulele and knock two coconuts together to enter. :-)

  • So this begs the question: will we finally get a “world” phone with this version? (aka CDMA + GSM on the same device). AFAIK, Orange/France only has GPRS/EDGE/GSM. Adding this would be stellar and almost convince me to buy a new phone before renewal time.

  • sounds kool. this idea of making the EVO community bigger internationally only enhances the love of EVO even more. im not mad at it being in France before us, though. and even if it wasnt we would still be waiting in a few months to get the phone. ya gotta respect the Euros though…they have an interesting knowledge in gadgets as much as we do!


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