HTC Flyer, EEE Transformer showedcased in (individual) videos

We love videos here at NBT, especially when they’re informative rather than….eh…made by Apple, Toshiba or Motorola. Above is a promo video made by HTC for the new HTC flyer 7″ tablet, and after the break you’ll find a 28 minute video by a website of the new EEE Transformer that shows it in extreme detail (in Swedish).

I basically hate both these videos and wish I never saw any of them….because now I want both these tablets. Well, I already knew I wanted the Transformer, but the pen functionality on the Flyer is really tempting for someone who uses a stylus for notes as much as I do. And yet I know I can get by fine with just my iPad 2. Sigh. Oh well, as I said, the video below is in Swedish so no many of you will understand a lot. I do, and I’d advice you to watch it anyways since it shows the device in detail either way. I especially like the piece around 6:00 with the animated water wallpaper that drains as the battery drains (and probably actually drains the battery too, but that’s another matter) and then bubbles up again when it’s charging. If anyone wonders what’s being said at any specific point in the video, just leave a comment and I’ll translate.



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