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HTC Shooter/EVO 3D (PG86100) receives WiFi certification, as do PG58xxx and PG76xxx series


We won't know whether the recently discovered HTC Shooter (PG86100) will turn out to be the HTC EVO 3D until at least next Tuesday at CTIA Wireless, but whatever it is, it's already been certificated by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

There aren't any secrets revealed in the certificate, as the inclusion of 802.11n isn't as newsworthy as it used to be and the "dual-mode (Wi-Fi and cellular)" categorization is also standard fare, but two appearances of the PG86100 on two unrelated sites is certainly interesting.

And speaking of interesting, I also found two other certifications for two more HTC phones: the PG58xxx (certified with the Shooter on March 9th) and the PG76xxx (certified on March 16th).



Maybe one of these phones is the EVO 3D instead?

[Wi-Fi Alliance]
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6 thoughts on “HTC Shooter/EVO 3D (PG86100) receives WiFi certification, as do PG58xxx and PG76xxx series

  • Avatar of MsRandall

    Bring it on Sprint….

  • Avatar of darth obamao

    I can’t wait!…but they better make the release date after june 4th…I don’t get my update credit till the one year anniversary

  • Everyone better check their plans if they think they will be eligible for a new phone in June. Sprint changed the premier plan just to renege on that benefit unless you have a $169.99 plan or above. A gross rip-off even by Sprint’s horrible standards.–Bob

  • Bob, what you posted is partially correct. The $169.99 plan or above is for shared plans, not individual ones. To qualify for Premier Gold on individual plans, you must maintain a 3-month average of at least $89.99.

    The full rundown is on Sprint’s website here:

    But in other news, I can’t wait to see what Sprint reveals next week. This HTC Shooter has me intrigued.

  • When you upgrade plans, make sure you ask for a discount. Sprint gave me 15% off the 89.99 plan (for the entire length of my contract) because I complained about not being “grandfathered in”.

    I love my EVO, however if the EVO 2/3D launches soon I would enjoy purchasing it at a subsidized price.


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