iPad 2 Music Videos are Here, Gotta Love the Artsy Types

We all knew it was bound to happen sooner than later.  It happened with the original, and every subsequent i____ product with a camera. The Indie pop/dance group Eddie have launched their new music video, called “Need,” which was shot using 4 new iPad 2’s. I know, I know, they could have spread the wealth around and let a couple of other people get some new iPad’s, but they might not have this new video without the other 3 iPad’s, and that might not have let them get their internet hits for the week. Personally, the video doesn’t spark my interest from a music perspective. However, it is always cool seeing what can be done with the equipment we have laying around our house(regardless of our thoughts on tablet cameras), and I’m sure the new iPad will make it’s way to plenty of our homes in the coming weeks.

So, are you guys digging the video? The video quality on the iPad 2?

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Allen Schmidt

Allen is a former contributing editor at Nothing But Tablets, which was merged with Pocketables in 2012.

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