iPad 2 promo spoofed in hilarious new video

This happens every year. Apple creates some ridiculously stupid iDevice promo that uses words like “magical” and “revolutionary” as if they were commas and periods, and someone goes ahead and makes a parody of it. I say parody with a bit of irony as the mock video is closer to reality than Apple’s version. Check out the original version after the break.

[via Pocket-lint]

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Andreas Ødegård

Andreas Ødegård is more interested in aftermarket (and user created) software and hardware than chasing the latest gadgets. His day job as a teacher keeps him interested in education tech and takes up most of his time.

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13 thoughts on “iPad 2 promo spoofed in hilarious new video

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    I’ve never seen an interview with Ivy before. What a pretentious douchebag! Now the cover, that’s cool…but you still need to buy a SECOND cover for the back. Sure a rip off of someone else’s product it is nice. Hit list:

    1. Thinner, lighter, faster with the same (alleged) battery life
    2. Front facing camera

    Miss List:
    1. Did anyone tell Apple that there’s a thing call microSD?
    2. 4:3 aspect ratio is so last millenium, but not in a way that is even remotely good

    And finally my only real contribution:
    1. I like going into Apple stores when I have a wicked bad head cold and touching all “i” devices. Then I sit back a do a count of how many people touch them after me.
    2. I kid, I kid. But other people do this every hour or every day at their local Apple store. Yuck.

    • Miss List?

      1. Did anyone tell Apple that there’s a thing call microSD?

      Micro SD would be a little point less considering most cameras, PC’s and other electronic goods support standard SD. So yeah i wish they put a SD slot in it so you could just take photos straight off of your camera instead of putting them on your PC to then put on your ipad.

      Also a USB port would have been a good idea for the ipad because then you could upload your word docs and pictures through that instead of syncing with itunes.

        • That’s an add on, not a built in port though. So there’s another thing you have to buy after you bought your ipad.

          • Better to pay $30 once and use it with several generations of the iPad rather than paying hundreds of dollars more for a competitor’s tablet with a built in card reader every time they release a new one.

          • If you were going to buy a new one then you wouldn’t have to worry because it would have an SD and USB card slot.

  • If you like stuff like that, search for mactini on YouTube…. 4:3 ratio is maybe Bad for playing games or watching movies, but you can hold it also Portraitmode for reading books, some apps also support only one siteorientation…
    Hold the xoom that way, and i will guarantee you, it will look stupid.

    • Yep, funny. It’s a little industry on it’s own – spoofing Apple :P

  • Man apple is good at marketing. When I watched the real video I wanted to trade my current one in lol. But watching the spoof woke me up!! :D

  • It takes full advantage of the A4 processor… you can use Photobooth!! Great spoof.


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