iPad 2 tip: iPad 2 w/Smart Cover ≈ iPad 1, size wise

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The Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is…well, it’s ok- overpriced, should have been included frankly (at least with the higher capacity models). It doesn’t protect the back of the thing though, which is somewhat of an issue. Turns out though that the iPad 2 with the Smart Cover on is about the same size as a naked iPad 1, meaning that it fits into some of the iPad 1 cases. Sleeve cases are particularly useful since they are just sleeves with no button holes et- making excellent travel covers for the iPad 2 and Smart Cover. The picture above is the Tuff Luv Veggie that I reviewed a week ago, which has just enough room for the iPad 2 with the Smart Cover on. The magnetic hinge makes the iPad 2 a bit wider than the iPad 1, so having a case that is stitched the way this is which causes it to narrow near the sides (leaving a bit of extra space) is crucial to fit the whole thing in there. In other words, not all cases will work, so don’t run off blindly buying one for this purpose. With many iPad 1 cases on sale these days though, this can be a nice way to add some travel protection until more cases get released.

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