iPad hits the magic $299 mark courtesy of Verizon

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If you’re an American who have been wanting an iPad and not even the $349 price point for the refurbished 16GB Wifi model was low enough, then this is your chance. According to Macrumors, Verizon retail stores are now selling off all remaining iPad 1 models. Prices start at $299 for the 16GB Wifi model, with the 64GB Wifi model matching a new 16GB iPad 2 at $499. Stocks are guaranteed not to last long, so if you don’t crave the added features of the iPad 2 I’d suggest you run to your nearest Verizon retail store immediately- assuming you’re in the US, obviously.

[via TUAW]

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3 thoughts on “iPad hits the magic $299 mark courtesy of Verizon

  • This is another advantage that Apple has over the competition, I think. Is Samsung going to do something similar with the Tab, I wonder?

  • Makes you wonder about the mark-up that companies recieve for Apple devices.


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