Jolicloud coming to the iPad and Android…sort of

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If you haven’t heard of Jolicloud, it’s basically a user friendly web-based OS that has been making a few headlines lately. The idea is that you get a simple OS with access to a lot of “web apps” (translation: pretty web pages) directly from the desktop. I’ve played with it a bit on my old netbook and it’s decent for what it is, although it’s not really my thing.

One of the features of Jolicloud is access to your desktop from other computers. We’re not talking remote control here, but rather the ability to load your desktop from the cloud. So far this has been a Chrome-only feature, but Jolicloud just announced that they would add support for Firefox, the iPad and Android. The iPad in form of a HTML5 web page it seems, while Android is in form of an app.

What this means is basically that you can turn off your Jolicloud computer at home, grab your tablet and have your desktop there as well. You might call it a fancy bookmark sync service, but user friendliness is key here. I was impressed by Jolicloud’s Windows installer (because anyone can use it without knowing what a partition or boot loader is) so hopefully this will bring some neat features to the everyday tablet user. Remember, this isn’t a full OS install, but rather access to the cloud version of the OS.

[via Engadget]

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