National Geographic releases Ultimate Dinopedia app for the iPad

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Do you have kids who love dinosaurs and everything about them? Or perhaps you were like that when you were a kid and want to relive the old days? Then National Geographic’s newest app might be for you. $5.99 gives you access to information, illustration, audio and video of more than 700 dinosaurs.

The app is basically a giant interactive dinosaur encyclopedia, and designed for kids first and foremost.When the company behind the app is National Geographic, you already know that it isn’t a POS app, and from the description and screenshots (and video) available, it looks amazing.

Kids apps are becoming a huge hit on iOS and with good reason: they’re both entertaining and educational. Several of the top apps in the Norwegian iPad app store at the moment are in fact apps for kids. As more and more kid specific apps become available the pull of investing in an iPad grows for parents, so seeing apps that are as well made as this deserves a mention. Give an iPad with this app to a kid who loves dinosaurs and he probably won’t come out of his room for a couple of months. Video, audio and interactive features definitely makes this the better choice over a book.

$5.99 might seem expensive, but just the other day I was standing in line at the post office and glanced over at a bin of children’s books and I almost pissed myself when I saw that $15 bought you a book with 4 pages. Prices of toys these days are ridiculous, so $350 for a (refurbished 1st gen iPad) isn’t as far fetched as it might sound. Just remember to get a good case to go with it while you’re at it.


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