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Companies that make accessories for products usually have a certain purpose in mine.  Protection, add this feature or that, etc.  Sometimes you can find a little more use out of something that you might already have, or something you can use for a couple of different purposes.  Joby, the company behind portable, flexible and durable tripods for cameras have stepped up to the plate in a way I am sure they had not imagined.

As any tablet owner knows, sometimes you don’t feel like holding that tablet for long periods of time.  Every once in a while it’s good to give it a rest, and the lap isn’t always the best spot.  So you look online and find all of the different types of tablet stands on the market just to try to figure out which one works best.  However, if you are a photographer and find yourselves needing a tripod to wrap around bars, branches, or simply stand on 3 legs, you don’t have to look far…..if you have a Joby Gorillapod.

Now Joby does make an iPad stand/case that has the flexible legs built in.  That works all fine and dandy, but it’s iPad specific and can be a little awkward.  Instead, I like to use my Gorillapod DSLR I have for my Sony Nex-5 camera.  It’s really easy to set up.

1) position Gorillapod as a tripod

2) bend two front legs on the tripod so they extend out towards you, at about a 110 degree angle

3) position rear leg at an appropriate angle depending on where you view your tablet from

4) place tablet (iPad, Nook, XOOM, Galaxy Tab, etc) in the bends of front 2 legs

5) enjoy tablet hands free

And there you guys have it.  Possibly a free, or at the very least a multi-use stand for your tablet.  You can use the Joby Gorillapod’s with any digital camera or DSLR.  They can be easily folded up and stored for travel use.

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