Outdoor photos taken with Dell Streak 7


Although its size makes the Dell Streak 7 impractical to use as an everyday point-and-shoot camera and its screen's poor sunlight visibility makes it difficult to frame/review a shot in an incredibly sunny place like Hawaii (where I live), I decided to take some outdoor pictures with it anyway.

I uploaded 32 unedited, high resolution photos taken with the Streak 7 to a photo set on Flickr. I used the barebones stock camera app to snap the pics at the highest resolution and quality (2592 x 1944, super fine) with all of the default settings: auto anti-banding, auto white balance, and no flash.

The results were mostly disappointing.

A dull yellow tint is visible on photos that were taken in gorgeous weather conditions (sunny, bright, clear skies overhead), macros are a crapshoot, and the digital zoom is so bad that it shouldn't have even been included.




Notice how different the color of the sky looks in this photo compared to the previous two? The pictures were taken within seconds/minutes of each other.


Digital zoom on any camera is usually bad but it's downright worthless on the Streak 7, as you can see below.



Yes, those are two birds sitting on the rim of a trash can. I think they're trying to tell us something about the quality of the zoom.

But as I said earlier, the results of my shooting experience with the Streak 7 were "mostly disappointing." Notice I used the word "mostly" there. That's because the photos weren't all bad. On the contrary, some actually came out pretty good considering that I could barely see the viewfinder on the screen because of the sun.

Here are some of the better images:






You can view the rest of the photos on Flickr.

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