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PewPew brings addictive retro gaming to HTC EVO

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If you’ve never heard of Geometry Wars for the Xbox 360, then imagine if Asteroids were remade by Michael Bay 32 years after the introduction of the game. No story, plenty of beautiful explosions, and some other Michael Bay dig here that I can’t think of right now. If you have heard of Geometry Wars, then consider PewPew its little mobile brother.

The game has been available on iOS since late last year and was officially released for Android last month. It was last updated about a week ago. So it's not a brand new game for you to play on your HTC EVO 4G, but if you've never heard of or played it before, then it's new to you.

Pewpew-android (1)

Pewpew-android (2)

Pewpew-android (3)

Pewpew-android (4)

PewPew uses your thumbs in landscape mode to control a little ship that can shoot and fly in any direction. While the object is remarkably simple (don't die), the game goes from amusing to gripping in about 2 minutes. Although you wouldn't know it from the screenshots, you really need a phone with a lot of power to play this. The EVO handles remarkably well on all fronts with the game. 

PewPew has four modes of play:

  • Pandemonium, which is a shoot-everything-that-moves game that ends when you die
  • Dodge This, where you dodge objects until you are crushed and die
  • Assault, where you fight off waves of enemies until you die
  • Chromatic Conflict, which really sucks if you're colorblind like me and goes on until you die

This is not a spiritually uplifting game of salvation and redemption. You shoot things until you can shoot no more and die. And then that's it.

PewPew has no ads, permissions are only for the internet (to connect to the leaderboard), and it's completely free. It seems like a no-lose situation, and it is . . . well, except for the game. You're going to lose in that becuase there's no winning, just dying.


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

This post was written by MildlyDisturbed.

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