Red Bull brings shameless app advertisement to a new level

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Advertising by using apps is nothing new. Games with product names all over, in-app ads, sponsored subscriptions (The Daily) etc are all well and good, but it wasn’t enough for Red Bull. They have a free iOS racing game called Red Bull Augmented Racing where you can drive around various tracks with a 3D race car. Of course the cars have Red Bull logos all over, but that’s not the shameless advertising part; there’s also a track editor where you can build your own tracks….using Red Bull cans. I’m not talking virtual cans here, but real ones- to make a track you have to set up Red Bull cans in a pattern on the floor and scan them using your iPhone/iTouch 4G/iPad 2s camera. Only way to do it, and you have to be logged in to Facebook while doing it (and to save your races), just in case you didn’t bend over enough by buying at least 12 Red Bull cans in order to make a track. Naturally they’re only doing this to make money, and in their defense you really need to find second uses for Red Bull as that stuff tastes like complete piss. I don’t know if I should call the concept brilliant or the stupidest thing since the Motorola Xoom…I guess it depends on whether or not you’re Red Bull.
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