RIM BlackBerry OS 7 roadmap leaked, coming in November?


N4BB reports on an exclusive RIM leak that they acquired over the weekend. According to the leak, consumers will see the new OS sometime in November.

What makes this leak incredibly interesting is the fact that OS 7 is more than a simple update to RIM's immensely popular operating system. It will play an integral role in the integration of QNX among BlackBerrys.

With that information, one can assume that 2012 will be the year of RIM's dual-cored devices. Remember, Mike Lazaridis said that QNX wouldn't be on his company's phones until they had dual-core processors they were willing to use.


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2 thoughts on “RIM BlackBerry OS 7 roadmap leaked, coming in November?

  • I’ve been thinking for awhile that RIM’s insistence that QNX needed dual-core processors is rather odd. QNX has been around for more than 20 years and has run on fairly low end CPUs in very little memory. I recall they used to distribute a demo floppy in the early 2000s which booted a PC up into a basic GUI with a web browser. It suggests that perhaps their user interface is not coded very efficiently, as QNX itself is very efficient.

    One interesting point: QNX has had transparent distributed computing since at least the 90s. I wonder if RIM will take advantage of this, that is, you could have a single application which could take advantage of and run simultaneously on multiple devices (e.g. multiple Playbooks) very easily. More CPUs for processor-intensive tasks, or tight communication for coordinated user activities like shared whiteboards in an app (much tighter than web-based whiteboards).

  • This puts QNX phones in serious trouble for this year. I’m still waiting to see how long it will take RIM to put out a decent enough phone to run with the Playbook. I hope they don’t take too long to release one with the necessary specs.


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