Smurfberry Wars Episode V: Apple Strikes Back

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I’m getting a bit tired of this story but since I covered it twice before (linky, linky) I might as well give you the next chapter of the saga. Turns out that iOS 4.3 has a hidden feature in its programming that wasn’t advertised, namely a password prompt each time you buy in-app content, regardless of whather you’re in that 15 minute window since last purchase where it hasn’t been needed up until now. This is great news for parents with stupid kids stupid parents who don’t know what the heck they’re doing with technology as kids can no longer buy Smurfberries on their parents credit card without the password. No word on what Apple will do to make parents realize that giving your kid access to a device tied to a credit card at all isn’t such a brilliant idea, but there’s probably an app for that. This change is not good news for people who don’t like typing in that password all the time though, as this will just bring more of that. Then again, we live in a society where some people’s idiocy make it necessary to put warning labels on chainsaws to warn against holding the wrong end, so I guess it was inevitable.

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2 thoughts on “Smurfberry Wars Episode V: Apple Strikes Back

  • About time. Smurf’s Village is deceptive.

  • am i the only person, remembering the early 2000th, when all these ringtonestuff came up on tv…. same thing, different plattform?!


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