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Sprint website leaks first image of HTC EVO 3D


There it is, folks—the first tiny image of the highly anticipated HTC EVO 3D that will make its official debut at CTIA in a handful of hours. It comes from a sign-up page that's currently live on Sprint's website and though it doesn't reveal any more information (we know most of it, anyway), it does give us the best/only glimpse of the phone we've seen so far.

I took the liberty of blowing it up to highly pixelated proportions, so let's take a look and talk about what we can see below.


The first thing that sticks out to me is that it looks more elongated than the EVO 4G. The outermost capacitive buttons (circled, of course) are more aligned with the left and right edges of the display, and the whole device just looks longer and skinnier.

The left side of the EVO 3D looks to be completely smooth and button-free, while the right side appears to house the volume buttons at the top and what looks like two new buttons on the bottom. Based on previous information, I assume these are the camera and power buttons.

That's HTC Sense (presumably 2.0, the one you can get with Myn's Warm Z TwoPointTwo custom ROM) looking back at us. The app labels seem smudged out but the icons for Google Goggles, Facebook, YouTube, Mail, Market, Nascar, and Camera are still easily discernable. Nothing new there. Though the EVO 3D has a qHD resolution (960 x 540), you sure wouldn't be able to tell from the home screen shown in the image, as it doesn't hold any more content than the EVO 4G's WSVGA screen does. LCD density could play a role here—and the image is just a blurry render—but I would think that a press image on a page that lets people sign up to receive updates and a "ready-to-buy reminder" for the device would show off something more unique.

[Sprint via Engadget]
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