StreakDroid 1.9.0 updates rooted Dell Streak to Android 2.2.2, new version of Stage UI included

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Several weeks ago, the first official Dell Streak build based on Android 2.2.1 came out of hiding. It was quickly succeeded first by a newer build (341) based on Android 2.2.2 and then by an even newer one (345), also based on 2.2.2. Both were obtained from an eBay seller who reportedly got them directly from Dell and included, among other things, a new version of Dell's Stage UI—a variant of the nicer one first spotted back in November.

The 341 and 345 ROM have both been available for flashing for a while now (341 links | 345 links), but I decided to wait until today to mention them because DJ_Steve has been hard at work blending together parts of both builds (as well as a bunch of others) for the latest update to his amazing StreakDroid custom ROM. Version 1.9.0 has just been released and it's the best one yet. I say that about every release, I know, but it's true; Steve consistently outdoes himself.

It's fast and smooth, and the new Stage UI is a signficant improvement over the officially released version. Here are some screenshots from my device.

New-dell-stage (1)

New-dell-stage (2)

New-dell-stage (3)

New-dell-stage (4)

The widgets have been redesigned, each one's settings are accessible through a dedicated icon, there are more to choose from, and the displayed content/icons within the widget are scrollable so that you can view more information.

New-dell-stage (5)

There's also a smaller sized Home widget that doesn't take up the entire screen and gives you a 1 x 4 area to use for something else.

New-dell-stage (6)

New-dell-stage (7) New-dell-stage (8)

Note: In the "Select Stage Widget" list above, the Video and Web widgets are not shown.

Unfortunately, Stage hasn't been that stable for me (lots of freezes), so although I think I would actually use this new version as my default launcher due to the new look and better functionality, I'm probably going to go back to ADW.Launcher.

Dell-streak-streakdroid (2)

If you want StreakDroid 1.9.0 on your rooted Dell Streak, you can download the flashable .zip, read the installation instructions, and chat with other users at the link below.

[StreakSmart forum]
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