Tablets a $35 Billion Market Next Year

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That’s right folks.  The tablet market, which essentially became mainstream last year is expected to reach over $35 billion, with a “B,” of sales in 2010.  This comes straight from JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, who has seen steep adoption rates across the tablet lineup, and  an increasing number of laptops releasing to the public.  One of the interesting comments from Mr Moskowitz is that “More than 35 percent of tablets sold in 2012 will be cannibalistic, particularly as relates to netbooks and notebooks.”  JP Morgan has also upped their numbers for 2011 as well.

According to Reuters, “It (JP Morgan) expects 2011 unit shipments of 47.9 million, up from its prior view of 46.1 million. For 2012 it sees unit shipments of 79.6 million, up from its prior view of 78.2 million.”

These are indeed some impressive estimates considering that we are in the infancy of the consumer tablet market.  Heck, Android just launched their first tablet last week.  The interesting caveat is the canibalistic approach JP Morgan is seeing with the traditional laptop market.  I can see this happening, but only if the tablet can cover all of the necessary features of the home laptop with ease.  Looks like we picked a good year to launch this site though;)

source: Reuters

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