Taking a cue from Apple, Asus slate promises not to be very PC

Apparently Microsoft decided to watch the iPad 2 announcement, and are looking to shy away from the PC idea in their upcoming tablets. The ASUS EEE Slate running Windows 7 is now up for order through Amazon and the Microsoft store, and will be packing 32GB or 64GB storage varieties with an i5 processor, 12″ screen, Bluetooth keyboard, and stylus input built in. Overall, this seems like a pretty solid device for you Windows fans. Hit the jump for more info.

Product Features

  • 12.1″ WSVGA (1280×800) Capacitive LED Touchscreen; Pen or Finger Touch; Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) Operating System
  • Intel Core i5-470UM CPU; 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz SDRAM, 1x4GB; 1 slot, 4GB Max; Intel HD Graphics
  • 64GB Solid State Drive; Wireless 802.11bgn; Bluetooth 3.0; 2.0MP Webcam; Internal Speaker; Internal Microphone
  • Mini HDMI Port; 2 USB 2.0 ports; 2-in-1 Card Reader (SD & MMC); 4 Cell 34W/h Battery (Up to 3 Hours Battery Life)
  • Includes Digitizer Pen; Folio Case; Bluetooth Keyboard
  • 12.28 inches, 8.16 inches, 0.67 inches
  • 2.56 pounds
  • 2 USB ports

The ASUS Slate, which seems to be a much better offering than the competition from HP, will come weighing in at a beefy 2.5 lbs, which is about double those new iPad 2’s come in at.  That’s some serious pork you will be walking around with, so you might wanna hit the gym before this Windows packing tablet hits your doorstep.  Otherwise though, that added weight gets you a better than a netbook setup with an included bluetooth keyboard, and that 12″ screen that everyone seems to be boasting about.  Of course with any Windows setup, you will have full access to the Microsoft Office suite, as well as any other desktop programs one needs to run to keep the kids happy as well as the boss in the boardroom.

Anyone planning on snatching this beast up, or are those cute and light as a feather portable tablets too perfect for use?

via: Engadget

Source: Microsoft

Purchase: Amazon

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3 thoughts on “Taking a cue from Apple, Asus slate promises not to be very PC

  • 3-hour max battery life, really? REALLY?!?!? Asus, I don’t care what other specs you’ve got on the thing, if you saddle it with pathetic battery life then the thing is worthless to me. There’s a reason I plunked down some cash for a big *9-cell* battery for my netbook a couple years ago, a portable machine that’ll run ALL DAY LONG without plugging in is infinitely more useful/worthy of my money than what you’re offering here. Apple gets this, and I groan every time I see a would-be ipad competitor comes along that just DOESN’T.

  • If my laptop was to crap itself tomorrow, I would look at one of these – more portable then my laptop, but still has the option to plug in a HDMI screen, with USB ports for keyboard and mouse. And with half decent specs, it doesnt look all that bad!

  • I don’t get the “not very PC” bit. Can anyone explain what that means? (haven’t watched the video, yet)


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