The feature that Apple forgot…again

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Many people were disappointed about the iPad 2. It lacks a USB slot, SD card reader, 4x resolution display, etc. I however was more disappointed about another feature they “forgot”.

The iPad now has not only 65000 apps available (according to Apple), but also several hundred thousand extra apps that are really iPhone apps that just happen to work on the iPad. These run at 320×480 though, so if you want them (semi) full screen you need to run them in 2x mode, which scales up the app 4 times (2x in both directions). It looks OK for some apps, mostly games, but as soon as you need controls (buttons, tabs etc) or  have text it looks very upscaled and pixelated.

The issue I and many others have here is that Apple could easily fix this. The iPhone 4 has a higher resolution 640×960 display called Bob which most apps now support. If the iPad would just display these apps in 640×960 instead of scaling up 320×480 to 640×960 then we would still have upscaled apps but at least they would look good. Maybe Apple wants to preserve that feature for the iPad 3 or maybe they’re afraid it’ll make developers think twice about making iPad specific apps, who knows. There is a hack for jailbroken iPads that can do this so Apple needs to get their magnetically attached heads out of their asses and get on this issue right now. Between this and the missing information about iPad 2 RAM, Apple is really starting to piss me off more and more.


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Andreas Ødegård

Andreas Ødegård is more interested in aftermarket (and user created) software and hardware than chasing the latest gadgets. His day job as a teacher keeps him interested in education tech and takes up most of his time.

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5 thoughts on “The feature that Apple forgot…again

  • I’m more upset about another feature that Apple-and almost everyone else, for that matter-is forgetting, probably BECAUSE of Apple.

    I expect a tablet to be a pen-and-paper replacement. Where’s the pen? I’m not talking about some plastic toothpick (resistive) or fat-nibbed rubber/O/sausage/whatever (capacitive) stylus, I’m talking Wacom Penabled or N-trig DuoSense. Something that can capture the nuances of my handwriting, is pressure-sensitive, doesn’t give me palm rejection problems, and still lets you have capacitive multi-touch.

    So far, out of all the non-Windows Tablet PCs, that leaves…the HTC Flyer. That’s it. (I’d count the Kno if they’d just get them out in volume.) Maybe the Asus Eee Note as well, but I’m not fond of that monochrome LCD.

    Is it too much to ask to have something like the iPad, screen and battery life and all, but with a pen for note-taking and drawing, with software to match? I know it already has things like Penultimate, Note Taker HD, etc., but the hardware is holding it all back.

  • Bob!! Realy.. Bob?? I guess he is married to ms Retina!

  • I can’t agree more. I won’t use a non iPad app. It’s too annoying, and it seems like an easy fix to take care of this. They might be holding out till the iPad3;)

  • Avatar of McGyyver

    I’m not sure if they are going to call it “iPad 3”, I more think its gonna have some special name like “iPad magicniceeasyfast” if you know what I mean, because I don’t think that new iPad is that kind of a big deal.
    Everyone wants to get one. Hello, it’s an iPad, and then its better than the older one. Think about you going somewhere with an old normal iPad. Not the new easynicefastmagic one. People are gonna say “is that the superduperreallyfrickiniPad?” “No it’s not” and then you would have to tell em that its just the same and that… . They are gonna argue that the new iPad is just so magicsuperduperextremlyusefull and you sit there, not being as cool as the dude with the new iPad , with a 720p cam, meaning >0.5mp, filming something and looking wierd (and hot, its a (white) iPad) in a dark room with really bad results, and while he’s gonna say “it’s HD” no one’s gonna hear to you, trying to explain stuff, standing there with your SLR and just some 4″ screen. Apple’s doing it right. They make money. Everyone loves iShit, they heard about it, and it has fart apps!

  • @nameless
    If you want something that works with a stylus, HTC is set to release their Flyer tablet. It seems to be an interesting alternative, and they have been bragging that it does in fact support the use of a stylus. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.


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