Unlocked Dell Streak falls to $199, no additional purchase required


Forget about having to spend $699.99 on a computer to get an unlocked Dell Streak for $99.99. The unlocked Android tablet-phone can be purchased outright for $199.99 thanks to an instant $380 discount. Although $199.99 is obviously more than $99.99, it's an unprecedented deal for an unlocked phone and you don't have to buy a computer to get it.

The discount varies depending on how the Streak is added to your cart for some reason. For example, going through and selecting the unlocked unit only yields a $130 discount off $579 for a final price of $449. If you go through Dell Business, on the other hand, you can get a black or red unlocked Streak for $399 after an instant discount of $150 off $549. The only way I've been able to get the unit in my cart for $199.99, as shown in my screenshot, is through the "Dell" link below.


With Best Buy dropping the AT&T-locked Streak to $49 before it became unavailable for purchase online and in some stores, Dell offering the unlocked Streak for $100 with a new computer purchase (like it was an inkjet printer), and now the automatic in-cart appearance of a $380 instant discount that expires on December 13th, the evidence is certainly mounting that we'll be able to see the smoke rising from a fire sale soon.

[Dell via Deals2Buy] Thanks, Prasad!

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13 thoughts on “Unlocked Dell Streak falls to $199, no additional purchase required

  • Wow, that’s awesome!
    I was able to add it to my cart as well, via the link provided. Hopefully this deal stays in place, and they have enough stock to last a little while.
    This makes me worry a little less about something terrible happening to my current Streak… now if it does get damaged, I’ll be able to replace it without spending an arm and a leg! Great find!

  • Not so brilliant, as I checked out, Dell has erased the offer from their system…

  • Avatar of streaker

    i just checked this too and no luck, anyone else not getting the deal?

  • Avatar of Bayshaun

    So, the Details say it expired on the 13th. Why are we just now hearing about it? I’m just mad I didn’t get in on it.

  • Avatar of Bizzach

    Haha Guess I spoke too soon. It’s gone now. Boo, Dell! Bring it back!

  • Avatar of Jonathan-Streaker

    Would have considered a backup!

  • I was abe to grab two of them

  • Avatar of HabibJamil

    Update: Deal Expired… Bummer :-(

  • Maybe they only had a handful left and sold out?

  • I lucked out…..was shopping for a new laptop anyway and pounced on the $99 deal….SCORE!! :)


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