Upgrading to iPad 2? Donate your iPad 1 to a teacher

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Apple is now offering a donation service for iPad 1 owners who are upgrading to the iPad 2 (or getting rid of their iPad for another reason) on their site.The donated iPad will end up in the hands of a teacher in a low income community, helping him/her to teach the kids. I’m a big supporter for iPads in school so on one hand this is great, but I have to say that it’s somewhat of a greedy move by Apple.

First off, the more iPads are donated the fewer iPads will be sold as used, and the more people will buy iPad 2s or discounted iPad 1s, earning Apple more money. On top of that they get the free publicity, which is sure to be worth something. I mean, if Apple really wanted to help out, they could donate those iPads themself- or offer a discount code for an iPad 2 if you donate your iPad 1, say, $200 off. Still, regardless of their reasons, this will help someone out, which is always good.

[via TUAW]

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