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3D is taking off and there are consumer products out there now that can both shoot 3D images and 3D video. The former can be a hassle for family and friends of 3D equipped people as they can’t view the 3D versions of the files. With some simple software though, you can convert these files into anaglyphic 3D images which work on all screens as long as you have some cheap glasses.

What you need to do this is first of all some 3D photos. If you don’t know anyone with a 3D camera, just Google around until you find something you like. Fujifilm is the most popular 3D camera brand out there at the moment and they use their own MPO (.mpo) file format. Once you have some photos, you need glasses. DealExtreme has tons, and they’re very cheap. The color mix isn’t important as long as your software supports it but at that price you might as well pick up a couple of different ones to mess around with.

Lastly you need software. For the iPad there is MPO-Viewer 3D and a ton of other apps and on Android there is Stereoscope and a few other apps. There is also desktop software if you don’t have a tablet (or you have a Windows tablet). The software converts the 3D photos from the more advanced format that special 3D TVs and screens can display to anaglyphic 3D which isn’t so picky. I’ve ordered a few pairs of anaglyphi glasses and will report back when I have had a chance to check it out…sometime in 2023 if DealExtreme ships at their normal speed.

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