What is the PlayBook's appeal if BBM goes to iOS, Android?


Recently, there was a rumor that spread across multiple technology blogs proposing RIM's idea to support BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) across iOS and Android, as well as its own BlackBerry OS. 

But 2011 is the introduction of the BlackBerry PlayBook. One of its most important features is BBM. So if RIM decides to let go of the service's proprietary nature, what is the appeal of the PlayBook?

Whether you love RIM or hate it, you know that it has seen a steady decline in popularity since the introduction of the original iPhone and its subsequent updates. With Android, the situation turned for the worse. While RIM still sells an insane amount of BlackBerrys, the market is starting to become aware of what else is out there. Still, there are many people who are RIM diehards, and BBM is a major factor in this.

If the aforementioned rumor is to be true, there really isn't any appeal to the PlayBook. QNX looks great to those of us who know something about it, but the average consumer wants a sparkling UI with a name they associate with consumer products (e.g., Apple or Samsung). The iPad has a bigger screen and an enormous app ecosystem, while the Motorola Xoom has a UI that reminds some consumers of a modern desktop operating system. 

Of course, this is all based on speculation. But in my opinion, RIM would be incredibly stupid to do this. The PlayBook will be incredibly successful if it has one or two key features that the other guys don't have.

What do you think about the PlayBook? Will you buy it even if BBM is on other platforms?

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