Will multiple Android markets help or hurt?

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There have been plenty of rumors going around of Amazon opening up its own Android market. Prices will be the same, and it will just be an alternative for people to get their apps. 

But how is this going to affect the end-user? When faced with multiple choices, the average consumer will likely not choose anything at all. So let's take a look at how this will affect the popularity of Android's apps, should Amazon open it.

Currently, there is only one official Android Market. Yes, there's AndroLib, SlideMe, and other app stores that manufacturers who don't have access to Google's apps must use instead, but they obviously pale in comparison to the real thing. The Market is run by Google with fairly relaxed regulations. It has very good sales numbers, as well. Most devices have the Android Market preinstalled and a shortcut set up on the main homepage. Because of this, consumers have incredibly fast and easy access to tens of thousands of apps from many developers around the world. 

Amazon is very well known by many people, but not as many people who know about Google. When a consumer sees a shortcut from Amazon, they might assume that it's for Amazon's regular practice of business: shopping. As a result, many people could overlook the opportunity to look for apps.

Or maybe consumers would just get confused about which is better.

This is why I think both Amazon and Google should team up. Imagine if Amazon's incredible shopping expertise were combined with the power of Google's relationships with all of Android's developers. 

If Amazon decides to open its own market, will you still buy from Google, switch to Amazon, or just use both?

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