Xoom gets FW update to ready it for March 18 Flash release

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Now that the Xoom is out, all that is left is to finish making it. Wait, what? Anyways, part one of the DIY process of making the Xoom what Motorola actually advertises is to get it to run Flash. Apparently it isn’t unstable enough as it is so they need Flash in there to really make the thing go to hell.

All kidding seriousness aside, Flash has its uses, or rather; it is still being used. An over-the-air software update is now available  that readies the device for the major jump (backwards) to Flash. The Flash software itself won’t be available until March 18 though, according to Adobe, which is still two weeks earlier than I would have released it if I were in charge. Be warned though, the update might not be available if you rooted the Xoom or unlocked the bootloaded, in which case you have to roll back to the stock software first. You’ll have to do that when you go to send it in to get the rest of the parts put in anyways, so might as well get used to it.

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