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30 new skins available for rooted HTC EVO 4G running Sense 2.0

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Since a recent rumor has cast doubt on whether the HTC EVO 4G's upcoming Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update will include a new version of HTC Sense—whether 2.0 or 3.0—the only surefire way to upgrade from 1.0 right now is to flash a custom ROM that has 2.0 (the most recent version available on any released phone) baked right in. Warm Z TwoPointTwo is the one that I use, but MikZ and Incredible S (VIVO) are other ROMs that include Sense 2.0 too.

Whichever one you choose to put on your rooted EVO 4G, xda-developers member sopL87 has a treat for you: 30 additional skins that he's either created or ported from existing themes.


Evo-sense2-skins (6) Evo-sense2-skins (7)

Skins in Sense 2.0 are what most people refer to as themes in Sense 1.0 and other user interfaces. They include skinned widgets, docks, and taskbars, as well as new lockscreens and wallpapers, and are an easy way to give your home screen a new look/feel without having to flash various files separately.

All you do is long press an empty area of the home screen to bring up the Personalize menu shown at the top then press Skin, choose the one you want (HTC provides some and lets you download more from HTC Hub), and press Apply. All the changes are made automatically and within seconds, your phone is nicely themed.

To get sopL87's new skins into the standard skin picker, all you have to do is install the ones you want in the same way that you install other .apk files (whether through Gmail or a file manager like Astro). Once installed, they'll automatically appear in the skin carousel without any additional action from you.

Evo-sense2-skins (4)  Evo-sense2-skins (5)

Each skin is about 4MB so you'll probably want to pick and choose which ones to keep on your EVO. To delete one that you've installed, press the Menu button when you're in the skin picker, tap the Delete icon, select the skin you want to remove (indicated with a red X), and then press Delete again.

More screenshots and the individual download links for the Sense 2.0 skins can be found at the xda-developers link below.

[xda-developers via Droid Life]
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15 thoughts on “30 new skins available for rooted HTC EVO 4G running Sense 2.0

  • I’m pretty sure these roms are ported from a device with no 4g and that means no dice.

  • Avatar of GRRemlin

    Correct. No 4G and many other issues.

  • I ran WarmZ for a bit and the lack of 4G was tolerable but the front camera is a little funky due to the fact that the Desire Z has no front camera so the ROM has a work around that’s a little wonky.

    The ROM was great otherwise but I was using my front camera regularly at the time so I had to switch back.

  • If you live in a city/place without 4g then yeah it would be tolerable, but the whole point of the phone is the 4g, front camera, hdmi out, etc.

  • Not arguing with ya big guy. I do live in a 4G area but I do most of my heavy data consumption via WiFi so that’s why the lack of 4G was tolerable for me. HDMI out is of no value to me but the front camera was. That’s why it didn’t work for me.

    It’s all about what’s important to the individual user. The “whole point” of any device is subjective.

  • Why the EVO 4G, the one that started it all for Sprint, cannot get Sense 2.0 is beyond me. You can’t tell me that the phone that will ultimately get Gingerbread cannot support Sense 2.0.

  • Quick question is Myn’s Warm TwoPointTwo rls 5 suppose to have Sense 2.0 because when I installed it via Rom manager I dont stay with the orginal sense am i doing something wrong here… I even downloaded it from the site and still didnt work… can anyone help me with this?

  • It stays with Sense 1.0 is what i meant lol…. But i see vids with others having this work for them is it just my Evo that doesnt want to run Sense 2.0

  • Well seeing as how these roms ARE running sense 2.0, yes, yes it can support it. The problem is that Android is open source, so carriers can distribute it freely, whereas Sense is developed by HTC, which means for sprint to offer it as an OTA update to everyone, they have to buy the rights to it. So basically we’re stuck with 1.0 (even with the upcoming gb update) because Sprint is too cheap to pay for the updated sense.

  • No, Warm TwoPointTwo does not have Sense 2.0. If you want 2.0 from Myn, then you need Warm Z.

  • Tried twice to flash Warm Z on my rooted EVO with ROM Manager, and nothing happened. Any help for a noob..? thanks!

  • Avatar of EliteOfficer

    Which rom are you coming from?

  • None..I guess..I just rooted a week ago or so, and wanted to try flashing some customs ROMS…


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