Adobe announces SDK and apps for tablets

Adobe’s Photoshop software is the most used photo editing software out there, and it’s used by pretty much all the professionals. Adobe has now announced an SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows app to be developed for Android, iOS and Blackberyy tablet OS devices to interact with Photoshop CS5 in various ways. This means that people can create apps that will interact with the newest version of the software in various ways. Adobe has also announced that they will be releasing three apps themselves; Eazel, Nav and Color Lava. The first is a simple drawing type app that transfer to Photoshop, the other is an extension of Photoshop’s controls and the third is a color mixer.

Of course these apps and any other apps that spring from the SDK require the latest version of Photoshop. Adobe is infamous for releasing new versions of their software more often than some people change underwear, and not supporting the old software in any way. Considering the fact that the software costs more than most tablets at $700 (in the US), this isn’t going to matter much for people who doesn’t either have a pirated version or somehow can afford the software (e.g professionals and companies). In other words, this is more for professional photographers and graphic artists than it is anything else, but any reason to get companies to invest in tablets is welcome.

[via Engadget]

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