Blackberry Playbook now available

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Sticking out as an oasis in a desert of identical Android tablet releases, the Blackberry Playbook is now on sale. The 7″ 1024×600 resolution device runs Blackberry’s own OS, meaning that it’s at least unique if nothing else. With a dual core CPU, 1GB RAM, 5mpix/3mpix back/front cameras, Flash support and a weight of only 425 grams, it looks to be a very nice tablet hardware-wise. It remains to be seen though how well it is received both in the business community and among consumers in general. Success in either of those markets require support from third part developers, so the success of the Playbook is now up to hundreds of companies around the world. It might be a Blackberry, but we’ve already seen dozens of examples of corporate software companies adopting the iOS (and to some extent Android) platform, so only time will tell if Blackberry’s corporate reign is truly over.Either way, you can now buy one if you want one, starting at $500 for the 16GB version, Wifi only. 3G and 4G versions will arrive later this year.

[Blackberry US via Gizmodo]

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