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CrowdGather acquires Pocketables,, and!

Crowdgather_LogoWhoa, did I really just write that?

Am I honestly sitting here on the site I started nearly five years ago as nothing more than a personal journal, telling readers I never imagined I'd have that Pocketables has been acquired by CrowdGather, a leading network of online forum communities that serves 135 million page views per month?

This is the most surreal post I've ever written and even though the acquisition process has been going on behind the scenes for over a month, a part of me still can't believe that it's really happened.

StreakSmart and Good and EVO, the dedicated Dell Streak and HTC EVO sites I started last summer, have been acquired too, and to say that the decision to "let go" of my three sites was a difficult one would be putting it very mildly. It was an incredibly emotional decision and possibly the hardest one I'll ever have to make in my online life, but after seriously evaluating my personal and professional goals, in both the short and long term, I feel confident that I am on the right path. Putting Pocketables, StreakSmart, and G&E under the CrowdGather umbrella was the right decision.

Most of the changes associated with the acquisition will be done so quietly that you won't notice a thing. It will look as though nothing has changed. I'll still be the editor-in-chief of all three sites, and the writing team here at Pocketables will continue to keep the front page regularly updated. The sites won't be overhauled or become unrecognizable; if anything, they will only get better. The forums, the amount/type of content, the community: all will be given the attention they need to improve the experience you get here.

In addition to continuing to play my existing role on the sites, I've also accepted a position at CrowdGather as the Director of Content Management to manage a team of writers across the network and help the company reach some of its goals. They've got some great ideas and exciting projects in the works, and I'm honored by the opportunity to be there when they come to fruition.

Pocketables has changed over the years and so has the tech world . . . and so have I. My life has changed, my work has changed, and my gadget interests have changed. I've kept up with and followed mobile device trends; my old collection of Windows-based UMPCs and MIDs has dwindled and is being replaced by Android and iOS smartphones and tablets; a great afternoon is one that finds me not unboxing a new device but playing with my 17-month-old daughter at the park.

The past five years have been life-changing for me, and I believe that it's time to start a new adventure with CrowdGather. Pocketables, StreakSmart, and G&E will still be here tomorrow, and I hope you will be too.

I appreciate your support over the years and thank you for respecting the decision I've made to take the sites—and my life—to a new place.

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