Dell Streak 7 development about to go into overdrive


Get ready, Dell Streak 7 users! Our dual-core Android tablets are about to get a whole lot better.

Thanks to the generosity of Hellzya, who packed up his own personal device and sent it off to England last week, the half-man/half-machine who answers to the name DJ_Steve and who single-handedly took the Streak 5 to new heights and made the tablet worth keeping for countless users will soon be a member of the Streak 7 owners club. And you know what means.

Things in the Streak 7 community are about to get awesome.

Hellzya decided to donate his 7 for all of our benefit while testing some things for DJ_Steve, who doesn't live in the only country the device has been released in so far. I'm sure it didn't take too many "oh, #*@!s" for him to realize how much easier unbricking and troubleshooting would be if Steve could do it himself! So he dropped it in the mail, ordered a new Streak 7 for himself, and is currently awaiting its delivery.

Hellzya has collected a few donations to cover some of the costs and would like to raise about $50 more. If you can help, give what you can to kawie636 [at] (PayPal only, mark donations as gifts).

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4 thoughts on “Dell Streak 7 development about to go into overdrive

  • That will be sweet. My S7 (GLUNB1A10133) is an early release and I don’t believe Dell will put out an update and I need the latest to fix battery and stability issues. I figure DJ Steve’s version will work great on it. (Even if it does only have one camera on it)


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