Dell Streak 7 gets overclocked to 1.6GHz with StreakDroid7 v1.1

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If someone ever asked me to identify DJ_Steve in a lineup, I'd have to ask all the ROM devs to turn around and face the wall. Because like all of you, all I've ever seen of DJ_Steve is his back. He's always leading the pack, and I'm always somewhere in the back trying to catch up.

Case in point. No sooner did I hit the "publish" button on this morning's post about StreakDroid7 v1.0 did he go ahead and release v1.1 of the custom Dell Streak 7 ROM. This new build overrides not just the v1.0 post from earlier today but the overclocking post from a few days ago as well. Why? Because v1.1 of StreakDroid7 includes an updated kernel that can now be overclocked to 1.504GHz and 1.6GHz. There's a reason DJ_Steve calls this build the "crazy stupid speed edition."

Dell-streak7-overclock (2)

He notes that these higher clock speeds "may not be 100% stable for everyone" and should be used "sparingly." The minimum speed in SetCPU obviously shouldn't be set to 1.6GHz as I've done for these photos (my system locked up within minutes and had to be reset several times before I was able to readjust the sliders), but occasionally setting the max speed that high when you want to show off to your friends and push the device to its limits should be pretty harmless.

The Streak 7 is already plenty fast thanks to its Tegra 2 CPU, even when clocked at its default 1GHz, but if you have a need for speed and have a pushpin handy in case you need to use the reset hole (equivalent to removing the battery), then you can grab StreakDroid7 v1.1 at the link below.

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