Dell Streak 7 overclocked to 1.4GHz

Streak-7-overclock Remember how I told you that Dell Streak 7 development would be going into to overdrive thanks to Hellzya putting his device into the incredibly capable hands of DJ_Steve?

Well, if you want to see one of things that's already been accomplished in the one day that the dual-core device has been in the dev's hands, then try not to blink. Otherwise you won't be able to associate that zooming sound with the black blur that whizzes by.

Yes, DJ_Steve has successfully pushed the Streak 7's Tegra 2 CPU past its supposed 1GHz limit and got it overclocked to 1.4GHz. In the process, he's boosted scores in Quadrant from 1954 to 3056 and in Linpack from 35.6 to 51.4MFLOPs.

Forcing the clockspeed to stay at 1.4GHz at all times, as shown in the SetCPU screenshot at right, obviously isn't recommended; DJ_Steve said he experienced one lockup when he let the device go to sleep at that speed. Setting the max at 1.4GHz and the min to something else will let the device kick into high gear only when needed, so that's what you should probably do to keep your tablet running smoothly.

Extensive testing has not been done yet, so if you want to push your Streak 7 past its recommended factory settings, then remember that you do so at your own risk.

Download the kernel below, Nandroid, flash, and enjoy.

[StreakDroid] Thanks, @DMonsterProd!

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