Dell Streak standard battery available for under $10


Now that you know about a couple of Dell Streak accessories that can be used to charge a spare battery (e.g., external charger and unbranded dock), the idea of actually getting an extra battery is probably becoming a little more appealing.

The idea of paying $39.99 for the official battery from makes it less so, though, and the fact that eXpansys is now asking for $26.99 for its third-party Streak battery when it originally wanted $16.99 certainly doesn't help. There are some great prices to be found on eBay, sure, but you may not want to deal with random sellers or waste time watching an auction so you're not outbid at the last second.

But don't give up! It turns out that you can save some serious cash on a third-party 1530mAh battery at DealExtreme. The price there is a only $9.50 per battery. And if you order 3 or more, the bulk rate kicks in and lowers the price of each one by over a dollar.


Free worldwide shipping is included when you pay full price, and bulk rates are subject to a $1.70 flat fee for registered air mail.

I don't know if these batteries have been tested to determine the difference between their actual and stated capacities, but at these prices, do you really care?

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9 thoughts on “Dell Streak standard battery available for under $10

  • Avatar of Commanderastig

    Good find. I wonder if thus potentially damage my dearly love device.anyone please report if this is any good.

  • Avatar of Buster Bernadotte

    Well, I’ve tested several third party batteries through the years, mainly from eBay sellers. Sure, they are dirt cheap, but they also deliver dirty performance. No exception so far. They’ve never damaged any of my phones so far, but I won’t purchase anymore cheap eBay replicas, since the performance always is so poor. Haven’t tested for my Streak, & won’t do it either.
    Just my 0.02¢…

  • dealextreme has even cheaper $5 batteries also

  • has dell streak batteries for under $20. I just ordered one- should be here on Wed.

  • I would be leary… Anything on Deal Extreme that shows 4 – 7 days shipping time is generally “out of stock”, and likely never to ship… At least this has been my experience on the ~10 orders I have placed with them.

  • Avatar of Kingmahalo

    I purchased one of these replacement batteries. Only one problem, it does not fit. Worthless.

  • I purchased a charging cable from DealExtreme. This is the Hong Kong knock-off stuff, people, regardless of what it advertises. The cable works only part of the time, and honestly I worry about it damaging something permanently. I have given it up, and I caution you strongly to test what you get. It may work perfectly, but it may not.

  • ^for the battery that doesnt fit, you have to cut off the top plastic piece for it to fit

  • Avatar of Pjspendu

    I wants to buy new battery of dell streak


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