Don’t like identical tablets? Stephen Elop agrees

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In what has started to bug us here at NBT, the trend of spitting out identical tablets is under way. Check out the spec sheets and you won’t see a difference across most tablets available. Some are trying different sizes, but they all act the same way. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it isn’t good either. Such is the reason the Asus Transformer’s looking so incredible, because it actually brings interesting and usable features to the table. Well, Stephen Elop (CEO of Nokia) thinks the same thing. YLE, a Finnish news agency, sat down with Mr. Elop for an interview and here’s what he had to say:

There are now over 200 different tablets on the marketplace, only one of them is doing really well. And, my challenge to the team is I don’t wanna be the 201st tablet on the market that you can’t tell from all of the others. We have to take a uniquely Nokia prospective and so the teams are working very hard on something that would be differentiating relative to everything else that’s going on in the market.

Q. So you’re not in a hurry?

We’re always in a hurry to do the right things, but we’re mostly in a hurry to do the right thing.

So I’m guessing we can eventually expect a Nokia tablet, but I’m not sure which platform it will run. Will it run Windows Phone OS, MeeGo, Windows 8, or any of the other platforms they have named, abandoned, and continued to support over years? I guess time will tell, but there is a ton of money to be made in the tablet market. Nokia is no fool, and I’m really thinking they will do it right. Let’s get their Windows Phones out this year, and keep our fingers crossed for a future tablet.

source and image: Engadget

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3 thoughts on “Don’t like identical tablets? Stephen Elop agrees

  • He says all the right words, but will he/they deliver? I hope we’ll see soon enough. Like next year, maybe?

  • Avatar of samIam78

    Nokia has the resources to do a tablet right but they haven’t been at the top of their game recently. I hope they do something cool but not half baked and priced right, their netbook was just so so and they went from having awesome phones (N 97) to nice hardware saddled with outdated Symbian as the OS.

  • Avatar of randomremote

    Looks like Nokia is getting to into gear in terms of making headway in trying to attract new customers, expecting great things…


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