Fujitsu LOOX F-07C could be phone with Windows 7 and Symbian


There's no telling whether what we're looking at here is fact or fiction, but if the Fujitsu LOOX F-07C is indeed real, then it certainly wouldn't be the first time we've seen a handheld device acting as both a UMPC/MID and a phone.

ITG's xpPhone is one of the few computer-phone hybrids to actually make it to market (a member in our forum even sold one), while most units follow the same path as the ViewSonic VCP08, Aigo XP phone, Shanshui P72, MIU HDPC, and most recently the AdvanceTC Magic W3 and never materialize beyond renders and prototypes. Which group the LOOX F-07C will eventually fall into is anyone's guess at this point, but assuming it ends up launching on DoCoMo's airwaves in Japan later this year, it's said to be packing an Intel Atom processor, 4-inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard with mouse button, 32GB SSD, and a "one-touch switch" that will allow users to switch between Windows 7 and Symbian. A optional cradle for HDMI output is also supposed to be available.

This one seems unlikely to me, though I won't lie and say that I wouldn't be looking for a way to order it if I could. My heart may be beating more strongly for Android these days, but I'll always have a soft spot for pocketable devices running full-blown Windows.

[Akihabara News]
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