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Gmail tweaked to always show pictures on rooted HTC EVO 4G, no extra tapping required


Gmail for Android has come a long way over the years, but it still isn't as good or polished as many would expect Google's official email app for its official mobile operating system to be.

For starters, you have to tap a "Show pictures" button in every single email that contains embedded images to get them to load on your HTC EVO. Forget that they don't automatically resize to fit the screen when they're finally displayed for the time being because the tweaked version of the latest Gmail app (v2.3.4.1) that you'll find at the links below fixes the first annoyance.

It gets rids of that space-wasting bar telling you what to do to see embedded pictures and automatically displays images in all messages, all the time. No more tapping the button and waiting while the pictures load; everything just loads.

Nothing else in this version of Gmail has been changed. It's the same version you'll find in the Market; the only difference is that this one will always display images in your email.

There are two ways to replace your existing Gmail app with this (better) version:

  1. Flash the .zip (tutorial here) that mkhattab attached to this XDA post.
  2. Download the patched .apk that tomballpkrxda created and attached to this XDA post, rename it gmail.apk, and follow -FuRBz-'s instructions to install it.

The tweaked app cannot be installed like a "normal" .apk because it's replacing a preloaded system app, so you have to do one of the two methods above.

Anderdroid originally came up with this fix last year for Gmail 2.3.2, which was the current version at the time. The latest version as of today is, so the links above and repeated below for added clarification are the ones to use now.

Download patched Gmail .apk here
Download patched Gmail .zip here

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