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Grab an extra 1500mAh HTC EVO battery for $5


Extended batteries are the most popular accessory for those who want to increase their HTC EVO 4G's battery life. The batteries come from different companies in different capacities and for different prices, and G&E has probably covered all of the standouts by now.

But what about extra standard batteries as a way to get more use between charges?

For people who don't want to fatten up the EVO's profile with an extended battery and replacement back cover, carrying around a spare 1500mAh standard-capacity battery is an appealing option. There are higher capacity slim batteries that are the same size as the stock one (e.g., 1750mAh Seidio, 1800mAh Mugen), but many them aren't worth their high cost.

Fortunately, a standard 1500mAh spare battery for your EVO doesn't have to cost more than about $5. Why? Because there's really nothing special about it. It's not unique or exclusive to the EVO; it's the same one used by the HTC Hero, Touch Pro2, Droid Eris, Droid Incredible, and many other phones.


Batteries marketed for the Touch Pro2 are usually the least expensive, which is why you can get a 1500mAh spare battery for your HTC EVO for so little.

DealExtreme, for example, has one for sale right now for $5.01 with free global shipping. If you buy 3 or more, you can get each one for even less than that—as low as $4.04 apiece! Bulk rates are subject to a $1.70 shipping charge, which is still a steal.

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19 thoughts on “Grab an extra 1500mAh HTC EVO battery for $5

  • Problem with thier Website… Can’t get past the shipping part. I click on “Ship to this address” and nothing happens, so i then tried Internet Explorer and same thing. I will try later

  • Anyone buy from this site before? If the website is not scam, I want to buy some spare battery, mine is draining so fast nowadays…

  • Avatar of Jason Jeffrey

    I’ve ordered from them several times in the past and always received my items as described. However, be aware that it can take quite some time to actually get your order. They seem to take their sweet time shipping out and the travel time is horrendous. So don’t order this battery if you have an URGENT need.

  • I’ve ordered some of these OEM batteries off eBay and they shipped from SE Asia somewhere (I forget.) They are “HTC Innovation” branded and are labeled as 1600mAh but have roughly half the life of my stock red 1500mAh battery when fully charged.

  • too hard to take off battery door… extended battery easier

  • Ive ordered from them before as they have cheap prices on alot of little bit of everything. I just recently ordered an Android figurine since dead zebra is always sold out. Sure it could be a knock off but it was under five bucks lol Just be prepared to wait a good 2-3 weeks for delivery.

  • My extended battery is awesome. Only annoying thing is charging it either out of the phone or with the phone off.

  • Avatar of leroy lee

    I ordered these same batteries off ebay and they llast about 6-7 hours with light to moderate usage. But I got 2 and a wall charger for $11. For the price they are ggood.

  • Avatar of Kenny G. I just got my 3 batteries 1500 in capacity, for 8 bucks a piece. they are red wrapped with HTC in black printed on them. It was worth it to me to pay the little extra on shipping so that I could maintain the integrity of how my EVO origianlly came. Good luck to you all in your search……

    P.S. it shipped on Monday and I got them on Wedsnday.

  • Hi Jenn,

    As always thanks for this great site. I know the mAh is larger on the EVO 3D, but do you know if these 1500 mAh standard EVO 4G batteries will fit in the new EVO 3D?

    Thanks again and regards,


  • Thanks, Jenn. I have 5 and would hate to start over if I get the 3D.

  • ive bought from dealextreme multiple times. theyre great for really cheap stuff like cell phone holders etc.. just dont order stuff you need right away. since its free shipping out of hong kong its been known to take around a month at times

  • I’ve purchased 2 1500 mAh batteries from Ebay/Hong Kong. They’ve lasted over 8 months, since I bought them. They aren’t really 1500 mAh though. They probably last about 3 hours less than the stock battery.

  • Uh Uh no freaking way! My 4g seido extended battery will most likely fit the evo 3d?! Pffft no way….yall just getting my hopes up. I’d be totally shocked if that was true. Sure would be sweet if htc would give us a break like that. We all been to hell and back with the original especially last summer before we knew all tricks. I remember I had 1 stock battery and living in 4g area i’d burn that baby up watching videos and crap in couple hours easy.

  • Where did you order your batteries from? I have an extra one from my TP2 and I bought the 2 x with wall charger for 10 bucks and lost a battery on vacation so I am down two 3 and liked having four. I lost one of my wall chargers too.

  • I was told they wont fit the new EVO 3 D battery is a different size I think. Not a 100% sure but that’s what I read somewhere else.


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