Kno out of the hardware business, Intel got the blueprints

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Kno has now managed to get out of the hardware business like they were hoping, all thanks to Intel. Intel’s venture capital arm has allegedly gone in with $30 million to free Kno of its hardware ties, allowing the company to focus on turning the Kno concept into software for the iPad and Android instead. I said from the beginning that the Kno (hardware) would be an epic fail with the specs that it touted, and I was right. A $900, 2.5kg device with a battery life of maximum 6 hours has no place in a world of $500 iPad 2s with 10 hour battery life in a 600gram package, even if it has dual (larger) screens and higher resolution combined with a much better pen system.

So what is Intel going to do with this piece of…tablet? Well they’re apparently going to license it out to OEM manufacturers, meaning that they’re essentially giving away the blueprints in the hopes that it will let them sell parts to build something from it. Not quite sure what part of the Kno hardware is worth anything at all to any major manufacturer, but that’s their problem. I’m just excited that the Kno is now making iPad software- they’re definitely on the right track as far as their ultimate goal of tablets in school, and the software they had on the Kno tablet looked very good. The issue was always the hardware that it ran on, so with that out of the way I think the Kno can go the distance.

[ Blomberg Businessweek | All Things D via Engadget ]

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