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I’m sure deep down we all knew it was bound to happen. TV was basically invented for it, as well as radio and so on. Ads are now coming at you from more of your own electronic devices. Amazon has just announced the new Kindle which will give owners “special offers” on the discounted price of a new Kindle at$114. That’s a pretty nice little drop from the original $139, but is it worth it?

Let’s get this out of the way early, this all comes down to individual preference. Some people will take this in a heart beat, and other will scoff at it until the end of time. I want to know whether this is a worthy price point for an ad supported device, and whether this is a good thing for Amazon and the tech world? Is a mere 17% off the MSRP worthwhile when dealing with an ad-supported device? I can see people returning their Kindle’s because they don’t like navigating through all of the ads and offers just to read their books. We haven’t had a chance to play with one yet here at NBT, but CNet got their hands on one and had this to say: “while some people may find the ads irritating, you can can quickly get around the first batch of rotating screensaver ads by simply hitting the home button. However, once you do get to your Kindle’s home screen, you’ll notice a small ad running along the bottom of the screen. So far ads don’t appear within books themselves, though many feel that’s coming soon.” It doesn’t seem too bad, but can open up a lot of possibilities for annoyance.

There’s also going to be a lot of people checking out the “on-sale” Kindle thinking they can deal with the ereader giving them some shopping suggestions, only learning later it’s a little too annoying. Maybe they should have just paid the extra $25 and had a device they actually own. They shouldn’t have tried to get the bargain the first time, and they now learned their lesson. And yet others simply won’t realize they purchased an ad-supported Kindle and get confused as to why their cousin Pauline has a nice Kindle that doesn’t nudge them to this shopping plaza or that one.

Maybe Amazon decides to expand their ad services throughout your novels. You have this ad supported Kindle, and you get to see the new ad for Best Buy running for 8 seconds before the page will turn, or even have to press another button or two to navigate around the ads. I can see it now…’re caught up with Captain Arab reading Moby Dick, and then you have a Chunk Light tuna fish ad pop up. Oh they joys of ad-men.

This might sit well with a lot of people trying to take advantage of the $25 savings. I just don’t think that little amount of savings is worth it. I would much rather have my own toy that works the way I want it to. I don’t care how relevant or non-invasive the ads are, I don’t want to deal with all of the garbage that comes with it. That little amount of savings over the course of the device just isn’t worth it to me. Show me a Kindle that’s half-off, and maybe you can peak my interest. Maybe I can see where the ads would help subsidize the ereader. Until then, I don’t want anything to do with it. You guys?

Amazon: Kindle with Special Offers $114

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Allen Schmidt

Allen is a former contributing editor at Nothing But Tablets, which was merged with Pocketables in 2012.

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12 thoughts on “New ad-supported Kindle coming soon

  • Avatar of Stuart Cope

    I hate ads, but TBH we pay for ads all the time. We pay to download them to our browser, and also pay to see them in newspapers, and if you pay for TV (I don’t) you have them there. So, it sort of makes sense that we pay for them (even if cheaper then the original ad-free version) on our devices.

    But I would never go with the cheaper option with included ads… Just fork out the extra $25.

  • Agree. If it were free with ads, I would take one. If it were $50 with ads, I might very well bite.

    But $25 off? No thanks.

  • Yeah, 25$ seems too little a discount to me, as well. The dislike for ads is too strong. Maybe if they rounded it down to 99$, that would’ve been more of an incentive.

    However, I suppose there’s plenty of people that will jump at the opportunity, so I think this is a really nice move from Amazon. It’s the first time I hear of a device being sold like this, too.

  • I wonder if there will be an upgrade plan… buy the Ad-version and then for some amount of money later you can remove the ads and make it a regular Kindle Wifi…

    • Avatar of Allen Schmidt

      Comforting for anyone interested of course, but I would say doubtful. I couldn’t imagine that possibility. Maybe it could be hacked to go to normal Kindle, but then again, probably very doubtful.

  • No ads on my kindle please….. just not worth it.

  • I agree $25 difference is just not worth it. $99 or below and then I may start thinking about it.

    • Avatar of exjoburger

      I agree that the $25 price difference is just not worth it. Since I browse the net with AdBlock and FlashBlock turned on, I try to avoid ads as much as possible. So an ad-supported Kindle priced at $50+ less may be more attractive.

  • Non-invasive advertisement sounds like an oxy-moron to me. If the ad isn’t sucking your attention, it isn’t being effective. I doubt anyone will be able to tolerate them over the long haul, regardless of the device.

  • Avatar of samIam78

    I’ll pass, I want my Kindle ad free.

  • I bought the discounted Kindle with ads. In my opinion, the savings are well worth it. There is absolutely no advertising within a book, magazine, newspaper, etc. once it is loaded. I could care less if my content list has an ad that is less than a 20th of the screen.

  • The ad on the home screen isn’t a 20th. Its more like one seventh, that’s a rough measurement with my finger widths. Also there is the screen saver ads. I don’t like looking at the interior of a new car. I’m calling customer service tomorrow and see if I can up grade by paying a little more without sending it back. But one way or another the ads must go.


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