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Reader ROM Picks: MikFroyo for HTC EVO 4G

Reader ROM Picks is a regular series that showcases G&E readers’ favorite HTC EVO custom ROMs.

Evo-mikfroyo (1) This ROM pick was sent in by Gary.

Up until recently, all of the custom ROMs I have used on my HTC EVO 4G have been deodexed. One of the reasons developers deodex their ROMs is to make deeper customizations possible.

A dev at the xda-developers forum named aamikam created an odex ROM that can be customized, and it’s very fast and smooth. MikFroyo, as it’s called, is a “completely rebuilt HTC Sense ROM with [approximately] 99% of the packages completely optimized and recompiled”  by aamikam and is said to be “the fastest HTC Sense ROM you ever saw.”

This has been my daily driver for weeks now, and I cannot find any fault with it. Version 4.61 was just released about a week ago, but I was running v4.6 before that.

As installed, you’ll find the stock Sense look . . . then you can install one of many themes or just pick and choose what you want. I love having options to do what I want so easily.

Evo-mikfroyo (2) Evo-mikfroyo (3)

Here’s a list of some of things you’ll find in this ROM, as per the release notes:

  • 100% Odex for max data storage room and fast response
  • Using Stock Kernel (you can install any of your choice)
  • SD card speed fix
  • Zipalign on boot (adjusted to work with A2SD)
  • Tweaked system for better battery life and performance
  • A2SD Support
  • Stock skinned ROM (additional themes available here)
  • DSP Manager
  • Clock will auto remap based on what lock screen is used
  • Power widgets control, rotary lock screen, and 4-in-1 boot menu
  • Hotspot/USB tether hack
  • 16 max tabs in web browser  by default
  • Sprint/HTC bloatware is included but made uninstallable
  • Updated Busybox, Market, and Google Maps

One of the things I appreciate most about MikFroyo is the friendly support at his site.

Note: Over the weekend, aamikam released MikGinger, a new ROM based on a combination of the recent official Gingerbread ROM leak, the Desire Z port, and the Desire HD port of HTC Sense 2.1. You can find out more about this at XDA.


Reader ROM Picks is a regular series that showcases G&E readers’ favorite HTC EVO custom ROMs.

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13 thoughts on “Reader ROM Picks: MikFroyo for HTC EVO 4G

  • Avatar of Arnold Schwarzengger

    The launcher at the bottom just has Phone (dialer)? No custom shortcuts for web browser, app drawer, etc.?

  • I tried it out, but I didn’t really like the black theme. I guess I’ll have to try out some of the other themes for the ROM.

  • Avatar of jadeboy7

    The left side does still map to the app drawer. The right side has an app that allows for it to map to any app you want.

  • Avatar of evo_like

    ON the launcher, the dark tabs on either side of the ‘Phone’ are shortcuts. The left one is Apps, the right one is browser. I have used Mikfroyo the longest, and it is one of the best ROM’s out there.

  • Avatar of jadeboy7

    I would recommend Chogardjr’s theme, especially if you like blue. It’s a very well-made theme and it looks really nice.

  • Avatar of MasterRooter

    I think the “Reader’s ROM” articles should be added as a top navigation section

  • Themes aside, Mikfroyo 4.61 is really plain, so you can skin it yourself. D/L the special Mik version of LauncherPro and tweak your screens as needed. I tried several other ROMs in the past (big fan of Myn’s – still use the backgrounds), but once I tried Mik, I can’t go back. On my EVO it is consistently the fastest, most responsive ROM. I’m a Sense fan, so the AOSPs fables often seem lacking. Mik makes sure *EVERYTHING* (4G, camera, etc) is working in the final releases, so I don’t have to rock a crippled EVO just to try a ROM. Try this one out if you get a chance!

  • Oh YEAH, miks getting his name out there now. Aren’t you just everywhere Jade?????????

  • I know the dev can do whatever they want and we don’t have to use their ROMs, but a lot of the themes on these custom ROMs prevent me from trying them. I know its an easy switch most times but it just turns me off to see crazy fonts and color schemes. Its like when you’re house shopping and the house is great but all you can think about is the pink paint on the living room walls. Sometimes its hard to get around it mentally. Just my opinion tho.

  • Avatar of big poppa sko

    can someone tell me how to do this stuff?….i have an evo and love it but you people seem to be over my head. way advanced. can you help or should i just not even try. Im pretty smart.

  • First you have to get “root”. Jenn has provided several tutorials on this, so search the site; you shouldn’t have to go back much further than August of last year. Once your phone is rooted, you need to understand how to make a nandroid backup. (Again, search for that tutorial here.) Then you’ll be able to download and “flash” the zip files that contain the Roms being discussed. Do some reading at this site to get the basic education. Then go follow the threads at xda. It’s fun, educational and will save you a lot of anguish before bricking your phone.

  • Agreed. Awesome articles.


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