Speck iPad Carry Sleeve Review

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There are numerous accessories out there for any iProduct, and the same obviously goes for the iPad. You can get insanely rugged covers, leather portfolio cases, smart covers and also sleeves. If you want your tablet warm in the winter, a portfolio case might be a good move. Rugged for the outdoors, maybe a hardshell cover is the way to go? But some people out there like the completely nude option, and that’s ok. Ya still might need some protection at times though, or maybe tit just needs a blanket to feel comforted? If that sounds like you, the Speck Carry Sleeve might be up your ally. Oh, and it can be used with similar sized naked tablets as well.

I’ve written about Speck before, and I really feel they provide quality products. The Candyshell case for my wife’s original iPad was a real life saver. The iPad wouldn’t have lasted the first month after our toddler got a hold of it without the Candyshell. So, we decided to pick up the Carry Sleeve for traveling purposes to supplement the case. It was cheap, and provided a little protection when it’s safely stored in my backpack or her portfolio.

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The design is fairly straight forward. You have a grab handle for carrying purposes, and you slide the iPad (or any other similarly sized tablet-XOOM fits) into the sleeve for protection. One side of the case has a flexible screen protection system in place that should be able to handle most issues. It isn’t a hard protector though, so this isn’t recommended for hardcore use. The interior is lined with soft touch fleece to prevent scratches, and to generally keep your iPad warm. The exterior is textures in Speck’s typical design pattern, which really gives some added feel. I do want to re-iterated, this isn’t a sleeve designed for protection. It’s more for mobility.

The case uses solid materials throughout. The exterior feels nice and plush, and the interior lining is well…..fleece, which always feels nice. Not all is great in Whoville though. The stitching around the handle looks like a high schooler in home economics class personally handled it. Not only that, but it’s also the same where the materials converge on the bottom edge. It’s completely choppy looking with loose threads hanging out, and sloppy overlaping material. This is something I don’t expect from any reputable company, let alone Speck.

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All in all, the sleeve is cheap. Seriously, a red sleeve is $3 (plus $5 for shipping) on Amazon, while the black runs you under $10. The poor stitching is a complete put-off, but seems purely aesthetic. It’s held up with no problems to speak of yet. This won’t provide any drop protection, but will keep your tablet nice and snug for hanging around the house and throwing in a backpack or a briefcase. I don’t want to say I recommend it considering the stitching issues, but I can’t say I don’t recommend it either. So, take of it what you will.



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