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Upcoming Kernel Manager will make finding and flashing HTC EVO kernels winningly easy

Evo-kernel-manager (1) Forget Charlie Sheen.

HTC EVO 4G dev extraordinaire Shinzul and the rest of Team Win—the guys who brought 4G and HDMI to AOSP/CM7—are so full of winning that they should be getting royalties from Sheen's use of the term.

Their latest project is a currently unreleased app called Kernel Manager that will make finding, rating, downloading, and flashing kernels on your rooted EVO appallingly streamlined and simple. The goal is to "create a place where all kernel developers can submit kernels easily and reach a much wider audience with ease"—a kernel repository, if you will.

All of the kernels will be stored on the teamwin server and searchable by feature (BFS, CFS, HAVS, SBC, etc.), making downloads reliable, fast, and consistent. Everything will be done through the app too, with no need to boot into recovery to flash the kernel, clear the cache/dalvik-cache, or manually reboot. The entire process will be automated and should only take about a minute.

Evo-kernel-manager (2) Evo-kernel-manager (3)

Kernel developers are encouraged to sign up for an account and submit their kernels for inclusion in the app. The account, kernel upload, and kernel hosting are all free.

Kernel Manager will be available in the Market in two versions: free with ads, and paid without ads. There's no ETA at the time of this writing, but you'll know as soon as I do when it's released.

UPDATE 4.14: Now available in the Market!

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