What's the point of the BlackBerry PlayBook's front camera?


You've most likely read two other writers' encounters with the BlackBerry PlayBook already. Well, get ready for another's because I received my test unit from RIM today, and I've been playing with it for a good chunk of time already. 

But after playing with it for that good chunk of time, I realized that there is one glaring issue that absolutely needs to be fixed: video-calling capability.

I understand that the PlayBook is new, but there is a front-facing camera just waiting to be used to its fullest potential. Heck, it's a 3MP 1080p-capable camera! I'm not asking for a Skype-equivalent; anything would be nice. I just need something that I can use to talk my family and friends. 

On top of that, RIM is always touting the device as "the world's first professional-grade tablet." I'm pretty sure that being able to communicate with your peers is a somewhat "professional-grade" requirement, so RIM seriously needs to consider contracting a developer or developing the app themselves. 

We're obviously doing a lot of PlayBook coverage on the site right now, and more will continue to come. But in the meantime, what do you think about the lack of any video-calling capability?

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Calob Horton

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3 thoughts on “What's the point of the BlackBerry PlayBook's front camera?

  • Could it be used by flash ? (well someone could make something more professional chat roulette)

  • Avatar of panty_snatcher

    its the norm nowadays to release a tablet thats half baked like the motorola xoom. Lets just hope that they will release the update soon.

  • I really don’t get this disturbing trend in the Tech Industry of releasing half-baked products.
    What’s even more disturbing – we seem to be accepting it.
    Since when did we become Beta Testers? I think it is disgusting that releasing a product that is half finished has become the norm. Funny thing is – Apple started this trend. Now, it has become mainstream.


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