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$4 gas station HTC EVO 3D case sizes up EVO 4G


Last week, HTC EVO 4G user scotbot was at a local gas station when he spotted a rubberized hard case for the unreleased EVO 3D selling for $4. He bought it and figured that the next best thing to being able to put it on the phone it was designed for was to put it next to/on top of his current EVO to get a better idea of the size difference.

Sure, we all know from the published specs that the EVO 3D is taller, narrower, and a hair thinner than its predecessor, but there's just something about seeing it for yourself that's so much more satisfying.

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Jenn K. Lee

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14 thoughts on “$4 gas station HTC EVO 3D case sizes up EVO 4G

  • Actually, from the specs I’ve seen, isn’t the 3D the same width, and actually “a hair” thinner than the original EVO?

    3D: 5.00″ x 2.60″ x 0.47″ (127 x 66 x 12 mm)
    EVO: 4.8 X 2.6 X 0.5 (122 X 66 X 12.7)

    Maybe it depends on where we saw the specs and who measured? :)

  • Avatar of Richard Yarrell

    Great looking case maybe I will buy this one too but the first case I will look for is the kickstand case

  • I agree Richard, Kickstand case FTW!!
    I also have read that the EVO 3D is thinner but those pics above look like its much more thicker, hmm

  • Would love to know where you read it was THINner. Everywhere I read said it was THICK-er due to the dual camera casings.

    Not trying to be a troll, though admittedly it is probably coming off as such. But I think HTC screwed the pooch for a 3D gimmick in the sequel to the EVO 4G.

    If only they kept it at dual-processor (done), SENSE 3.0 (done), 8MP 2D (FAIL), with thinner profile (FAIL), better battery life (minimum uptick in battery size from EVO 4G – (BETTER BATTERY LIFE DOUBTFUL), bigger SDCARD (FAIL – 8GB SDCARD for 3D graphics/Video? Are you for real HTC? Should be 16GB MINIMUM), ..and then gone on from there.

    I just had so much more hope from HTC for this phone. Here’s hoping the next iteration of the EVO will be that much better, or that this phone proves me wrong.

  • I could be wrong but in the beginning of that CTIA video showing off the Evo 3D that Richard posted yesterday after the RS flyer leaked said it was thinner , let’s go to the video tape lol

  • Go buy your own 16-32gb micro sd…I dont want to pay a higher for an evo 3d because some want a 16gb or 32gb class 2 card included in the package….when I have a class 10. I am sure a large percent of OG evo owners already have a larger card.

  • It doesn’t really matter anymore. I won’t be purchasing an evo3d now that we know it has a locked bootloader and wont take custom roms. Thats too bad. I guess my last htc phone will be the evo. It was good while it lasted.

  • See EVO 3D specs listed here:

    See EVO 4G specs listed here:

    Use math skills to determine that .48″ is less than .5″ (or .50″, if you will). Use vocabulary skills to determine that “thinner” means “less thick”. There is your answer.

    Sorry to be so blunt but I don’t understand the confusion. Surprise, maybe, but not confusion.

  • ROFL. Point taken. :]

    I was mistaken. It is taller (see above pic of cases for comparison by Jenn for comparison).

    Thanks for setting me straight Man.

  • Whoops, yes, you’re right. I thought I had written “thinner” but it seems my fingers had their own ideas. I just fixed it.

  • LOL! Wow – I read my response again and was like “man – that came out really snarky!”. I have to apologize to responding like that but kudos to you for being such a good sport about it! You could have jabbed me right back given the jackassery I wrote there.

    Of all the discussions about the new EVO’s size it always seems like people make a point to say it’s amazing that it’s thinner, even with the new tech. I’m not gonna lie – I want this thing bad purely for the upgraded specs. I honestly wouldn’t really care about the 3D but it’s simply ice cream with the cake – I’ll take it since it’s there. However, whenever I look at the original EVO I just think I prefer it better, from a physical standpoint.

    From the single red cyclops lens, to the kickstand w/ nice red accent… and how CLEAN the front is with the single mesh earpiece against the edge. The 3D just doesn’t come close to how clean and superb that is/was. Even the front of the 3D is not as nice – more like the VZW Thunderbolt and kind of bland. Amazing what such small touches can do to overall appearance…

  • Man –

    No worries bro – we’re all friends of the EVO4G/EVO3D here. :]

    You want a clean physical phone with upgraded specs from the EVO 4G? Check this out:

    Sorry – couldn’t resist. I mean – damn, that is just – DAMN.

    I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a phone this bad.

    The whole front is Gorilla Glass with the exception of one black button. Of course I can change the interface by replacing the launcher with ADWEX or Launcher Pro, etc…

    As far as how thin that thing is at its thickest point – 8.99mm. whoooooh.

    Nothing on the market can touch the specs of that phone. NO-THING.

    All the best bud.

  • Are you freakin kidding me . . ? Ya cheap bastard, buy a freaking larger SDcard if ya need one. Next you’ll be asking HTC to lick ya D**K. DON’T BUY THE DAMN PHONE if this is how ya feel about it. This goes to show , ya just can’t please some people.

  • The bootloader will be unlocked.


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