Asus EEE Pad MeMO to feature glassless 3D display

We first saw the MeMO back at CeBit, where it had a normal 7″ screen and a peculiar Bluetooth handset thing that would let it work as a phone. Since then Asus has apparently reconsidered and added yet another gimmick to the tablet: glassless 3D. The screen itself is 7″ and has a 800×1280 resolution, which is an awesome resolution for that size screen. The glassless 3D feature is something we’ve seen in the Nintendo 3DS and a few cameras so far, and the technology has been haunted by awful viewing angles. One thing’s for sure, with glassless 3D and a integrated Bluetooth doohickey, this tablet is going to have a premium price as well. It also has a capacitive stylus with a slot to store it in the tablet, which is quite nice- though not the same as the active (more accurate) stylus in the HTC Flyer. Check out the above hands-on from Engadget to see the thing (nut naturally not the 3D) in action.

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Andreas Ødegård

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