Barnes & Noble debuts new e-ink reader

New_nook_3 First off, allow me to get this out of the way: this new device is not the Nook Color 2.0, not a "reader's tablet." It is, on the contrary, a black and white device named the Nook Simple Touch Reader, and it will be shipping June 10 for $139.

One of the standout features on the new device is the e-ink Pearl display, which offers numerous advantages over competing products. Thanks to this technology, the device's 6-inch display has a 60% higher contrast ratio than the previous version, and the screen flicker that plagued previous readers has been almost entirely eliminated.

The decision to omit the original Nook's small color display has been rewarded with an impressive two months of standby time with WiFi off (the device will last three weeks with WiFi on). It also helped the device to shed some weight, as it now weighs only 7.48 oz. (about 35% less than the original device). Users who enjoyed having the touchscreen need not worry, though, as the Simple Touch Reader offers a full touchscreen experience as the name implies.

Although this device is not intended to be a tablet, it does have Android 2.1 under the hood. This will not mean much without a dedicated team of developers, but it is still nice that Barnes & Noble left users the option of tweaking their platform. Who knows, they may come up with a great hack that makes the device much more popular.

Even though we sometimes forget it, there is still a market for non-color reading-oriented mobile devices. They still have advantages, like eye-friendly screens and long battery life. The Simple Touch Reader has the added benefit of a full touchscreen experience and the latest e-ink technology. As a result, if you are one of the people who still wants a reading device with these features, I would not hesitate to recommend this new Nook.

[Skatter Tech]
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