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With more and more tablets hitting the market, it’s easy to blend into the crowd. It’s no secret that tablets such as the Transformer help set itself apart due to the dockable keyboard, lower price, and extra apps that really bring enhancements. But there’s another way to differentiate tablets in the market, and that’s by giving consumers a different size to choose from. Member w44p has thrown this question out in the forums, and we wanted to highlight it here. The new Galaxy Tab 8.9 is getting ready to launch, the 7″ Playbook is already here, the 10.1″ Android tablet is readily available, and the 12″ Asus Windows slate is out there for the brave souls. With all things tossed to the side, which size tablet seems like the perfect size for you? Is a 7″er just right, or too small? Does that 12″ slate seem worth it for the extra screen real estate? Let us know in the comments below or add to the forums!

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