Creating your own paper templates for Penultimate 3.0

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I’ve made my thoughts on paying up to $14 for more paper templates in Penultimate 3 for the iPad pretty clear, but the updated app also allows you to import you own paper templates from images- for free. These images will be “penultimatified”, making them grayscale (or rather, brownscale) to go with the rest of the app. I’ve wanted a simply hand writing calendar for a while now (something more paper planner like than all the calendar apps) so I thought I’d try making a template myself.

To get the best result, you should make your template match the resolution of the notebook background- a somewhat peculiar 718×865 pixels, Black/white templates will convert quite nicely, and since Penultimate doesn’t rotate the notebook when you rotate the iPad (only the toolbars and menus) you can choose if you want to make 718×865 portrait templates or 865×718 landscape templates. Some photo editing (or rather, image creation) skills are needed to get the best results, but it’s generally very easy to do. I used Photoshop, but you could even take a picture of a real notebook if you wanted to. This somewhat simple feature is very powerful if used right, allowing someone to do everything from using the app as a calendar to creating music, playing games, sketching app ideas etc in the app. It would be nice to be able to set individual paper styles for each page though, rather than having them per notebook.

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